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Elizabeth Fiedler

Running for State Representative
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

Elizabeth Fiedler is a former reporter, mother, and first-time candidate running for the office of State Representative for the 184th House District of Pennsylvania. She was raised in Central Pennsylvania by her parents, two union educators. Her family receives health insurance through the Affordable Care Act and both of her children are on CHIP. Healthcare and education aren't abstract policy priorities for her but issues that affect her everyday life. 

When elected, she will:

  • Fight for high-quality universal healthcare for all of us. 
  • Work to ensure fair and full funding of our schools and to end the school to prison pipeline.
  • Fight for an economy that works for all of us - not just the richest few and corporate interests. 
  • Stand in solidarity with existing unions and unionized workers and champion legislation that makes it easier for workers to unionize. 
  • Oppose efforts to privatize our public resources.