Our Candidates / Utah / Elizabeth Payne

Elizabeth Payne

Running for Murray City School Board
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

Elizabeth Payne is a mother of four, wife of a Marine Corps veteran, and active community volunteer and leader. Elizabeth earned a degree in Anthropology with a focus on childhood, education, and reproduction, with a minor in Family & Human Development from Utah State University. With this background, she is prepared to listen to the needs of parents and teachers in our school district and implement outside-of-the-box policy changes for our school district. Elizabeth serves on the Liberty Elementary Community Council, has helped new mothers and families for six-years as a Le Leche League leader, and is a dedicated grassroots organizer who believes that change happens from the bottom up -- and for her, that change starts with the local school board. She is an avid researcher, an Indian food enthusiast, and passionate about everything Murray City. Elizabeth is running as a progressive community activist and mother who wants to make a difference for her own children and yours.