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Eloise Reyes

Running for State Representative
Eloise Reyes grew up near the train tracks, in a family of modest means but great aspirations for their children. So she could pay for school, Eloise worked in the onion and grape fields. After high school, Eloise worked up to three jobs to put herself through San Bernardino Valley College and the University of Southern California. Then she earned her law degree from Loyola Law School. This year, Eloise fulfilled a lifelong passion for teaching young people and became an adjunct professor at Cal Poly Pomona. Her class teaches young people how democracy can work for working families and not just the rich and powerful. “After law school, instead of going to work for a corporate law firm, I decided to represent working families and injured workers.” Eloise is a pioneer. She was the first Latina to open her own law firm in the Inland Empire.