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Eric Holt

Running for Council Chair of Clark County
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

Every member of this community deserves a voice and to see our county functioning and working for them. As your Chair, I will bring consistent leadership to the council and will fight for transportation changes that make your commute better, an increase in training for living-wage jobs, more access to affordable housing, and better preservation of our agricultural lands.

My name is Eric K. Holt and I am running for Clark County Council At-Large Chair because we the people of Clark County are tired of the budget deficits and backroom deals that our County Councilors have engaged in over the past few years and we are ready for a change.

We want to see fair representation on the Board for all the folks of Clark County. We need checks and balances, not the rubber stamp that comes from one party rule. The current board is made up of Five Republicans and Zero Democrats. This needs to change.