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Erika Almiron

Running for Philadelphia Philadelphia City Council At-Large
Election: May 21, 2019

Erika is the oldest of four siblings. Growing up, her parents, who immigrated from Paraguay, owned a small business and were domestic workers. Erika first became an activist in high school, when she organized walk-outs to protest school closings.

Erika most recently served as the Executive Director of Juntos. Her work focused on a commitment to redefining what a successful sanctuary city looks like, challenging harmful and unfair ICE policies and practices and eliminating the over-policing of migrants and people of color. Erika’s leadership resulted in Philadelphia ending its cooperation with ICE, making Philadelphia a national model for Sanctuary Cities.

Both locally and nationally Erika has pushed the Immigrant Rights Movement to build coalitions with all people unjustly affected by the criminal justice system, primarily black and brown people, the LGBTQIA community and poor folks