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Ernesto Gloria

Running for Justice of the Peace, Tarrant County
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

Ernesto Gloria is a local activist and organizer with Democratic Socialists of America Fort Worth. He is married with two young children that he stays home to take care of during the day while campaigning at night. Ernesto was born in Texas and raised in Austin where he attended the University of Texas. Like countless others, Ernesto was inspired into action by the Bernie Sanders campaign and the people who came together to make it possible.

Following the 2016 election Ernesto joined a local Berniecrats campaign for Congress. He co-mangaged the campaign until he left in late 2017 to run for Justice of the Peace. Ernesto attended the People’s Summit and DSA leadership training in Chicago, as well as the PCCC candidate training in D.C. Ernesto is currently working with DSA-FW on establishing a Tenant’s rights group in Tarrant County and is working on a guide to running for JP that will be shared with future progressive JP candidates.