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Eva Bermudez

Running for State Representative
Election: Aug. 9, 2016
With her professional experience working on legislation in Congress, performing labor negotiations as an 1199 Representative, and as a former Newtown Legislative Council member, Eva Bermudez is committed to improving and fighting for her community. Eva was recently awarded the Latina Citizen of the year by the Connecticut General Assembly for her outstanding activism navigating 5000 Connecticut residents to health insurance through the Access Health Market place. Eva currently represents and organizes municipal and state employees through CSEA Local 2001, ensuring that people have access to retirement plans, decent salaries and health insurance benefits. She is also a supporter of the arts and true believer of the importance of access to the arts for children. This is highlighted in her role on the ​Hartbeat Ensemble a small theater that has youth summer programs board where she is currently secretary. Where their motto is "a theater for social change" using theater to budge the conversational gap on everyday issues like bullying and gun violence.