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Garlin Gilchrist II

Running for Detroit City Clerk
Election: Nov. 7, 2017

Garlin Gilchrist II is a candidate for Detroit City Clerk. He loves three things: his family, Detroit, and solving problems using technology. That’s why, after a successful career as a software engineer at Microsoft, technology entrepreneur, and political organizer with MoveOn.org and the Obama campaign, he returned home to Detroit with his wife Ellen and then-ten-month-old twins Garlin III & Emily Grace to become the City of Detroit’s Director of Innovation & Emerging Technology. Since taking that role in 2014, Gilchrist has made city services easier to use, city information easier to access and understand, and city departments work better together. At work and in his neighborhood, Garlin works hard to make Detroit a city that works for everyone. Now he's poised to carry this work forward by making sure Detroiters are informed participants in all the decision-making processes in Detroit.

As Detroit City Clerk, we wants to focus on the following:

  • Effortless Voting  - open new polling places, recast election day poll workers, encourage early absentee voting, and plan for replacing outdated voting machines.

  • Engage Citizens - "Detroit’s City Clerk is Detroit’s Chief Engagement Officer".

  • Accessible City Council - One of the tasks the Detroit City Charter gives the City Clerk is to serve as the official record keeper for the Detroit City Council. While the Charter gives no guidance about how those records are stored and how citizens can see those records, let’s make no mistake that if you are a Detroiter, they are your records.

Nominating group has over 100 active volunteers working on his campaign right now. Their goals are to make 50 calls per day and 2000 door knocks per week.