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Gary Kroeger

Running for State Representative
Election: June 16, 2016
Gary Kroeger was born and raised in Iowa. Having originally moved to Los Angeles, Gary decided that he wanted to raise his newborn children with the Iowa Values that he grew up with. Values of integrity, honesty, justice and hard work. They were the values of education, community service, and common sense legislation. Gary believes that today, those values are corroding as too many in America have been successfully marginalizing the Middle Class, the American worker, the environment, affordable education, and compassionate service. Too many Americans would rather continue foreign policy directives that serve to create more enemies rather than lasting peace, and as the father of two young sons, I am driven to change this course. Gary's voice in the Iowa House of Representatives would be a strong, passionate and informed voice that would stand up for the values that make America stronger, more prosperous, more diverse and free.