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George Hanna

Running for State Representative, 47th District
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

I have always been a Democrat, volunteering for congressional, gubernatorial and mayoral races. I am proud to say that I organized heavily on behalf of Bernie Sanders in 2015 and was the caucus captain in 2016 ultimately being elected as a national delegate on behalf of Bernie Sanders. I'm a former union organizer, local president and member of the state board for the public employees union. I also served as an appointed chairperson for a USD 501 school board subcommittee where I successfully denied the Westboro Baptist Church in plans of purchasing a former school building to further preach their hate. I'm a disabled veteran from the Navy submarine service and currently chair of the Kansas Democratic Party Veterans and Military Families caucus advocating for all veterans rights including medical cannabis and anti-privatization. I was a migrant worker, living under bridges and in recycling bins. I fought hard to obtain my high school diploma, join the Navy and continue on to college.