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Heather Fenyk

Running for General Assembly LD-17
New Jersey
Election: June 6, 2017

Heather Fenyk is a non-profit director, small business owner and community organizer who has lived in New Brunswick with her family for almost two decades. She has a proven track record of social services and environmental organizing – including as a founding member of both the New Brunswick Community Food Alliance and New Brunswick Green Team, and as founder of New Jersey’s newest watershed association, the Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership.

Heather is running for Assembly because she believes that restoring American democracy requires a shift from “business as usual” local politics to direct and active engagement by the Democratic Party’s progressive base. She sees the opportunities that have made prior generations of residents proud to call New Jersey home – great public schools, good local jobs and neighborhoods with a sense of place – slipping away from too many people in the 17th District. She is running because she sees career politicians working on behalf of land developers and entities that have no sense of the true character of the towns we call home.

 In the Assembly, Heather will fight to let residents have a voice in how we build our communities in deep and meaningful ways that include: Sanctuary State status, school funding reform, environmental restoration, business incubation and creative economies.