Our Candidates / Maryland / Hiruy Hadgu

Hiruy Hadgu

Running for Howard County Council, District 3
Election: June 26, 2018

I immigrated to the US from Ethiopia in 2001 and moved to Howard County in 2010 to start my career. In 2014, I became a US citizen. It is hard to overstate the sense of empowerment and gratitude that I felt when I cast my first vote ever in that year’s midterm elections.

I started learning more about our civic institutions after the election of President Obama, who awakened in me a passion to care for others and serve. Getting increasingly involved in local issues, I learned most of our county decisions were made by developers – taking power out of our hands. Many people in Howard County are losing trust in the people they put in office. They believe the decisions are being made in backrooms by “invisible hands” - just like what’s happening all over our country.

This needs to change.

That is not the Howard County we want. I want to help protect the sense of empowerment and gratitude I felt when I cast my first vote. I’m going to help restore trust in our government again.