Our Candidates / California / Igor Tregub

Igor Tregub

Running for Berkeley City Council, District 1
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

My name is Igor Tregub, and I live on Virginia right below San Pablo. As a first generation immigrant who moved with my family through four countries, two states, and three different cities, it was not until I got to Berkeley that I found a place that I could finally call my home. I attended UC Berkeley (GO BEARS!), where I met my life partner, Maritessa, served as an ASUC (Cal’s Student Government) Senator where I worked on housing, public safety, and strengthening town-gown relations, and graduated with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Political Science. Out of my unique life story and search for a place that I could call home - which I found here in District 1 - comes my desire to serve our beloved community. In 2006, I was appointed by Councilmember Dona Spring to the Berkeley Commission on Labor and two years later I became its chair. In 2008, you gave me the privilege of serving on the Rent Board.