Our Candidates / California / Imelda Padilla

Imelda Padilla

Running for Los Angeles Board of Education
Election: May 16, 2017

Imelda grew up in Sun Valley and attended Roscoe Elementary, Byrd Middle School and Polytechnic High School. She graduated from UC Berkeley, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a double minor in Chicano Studies and Philosophy. After graduating, she became a community organizer for Pacoima Beautiful, advocating for environmental justice for local families. She then went to work with the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, to help fight for an increase in the minimum wage and create economic opportunity for every family.

Imelda started a non-profit called Together We Do More, which aims to help middle and high school students start to think about higher education and professional development at a young age. Their main event is called Adelante Hombre were over 100 community volunteers help put together a leadership conference for students from all over the North East San Fernando Valley.

Imelda is currently a commissioner for the Los Angeles County Commission on Woman and Girls, and a candidate for the Los Angeles School Board, where she hopes to continue her work advocating for local families, especially young people.

Imelda’s platform includes:

  1. FAIR FUNDING FOR OUR SCHOOLS: Imelda will fight to ensure that our schools receive the fair funding they need in order to deliver a quality education. Every child deserves a great school with the right resources and well-trained teachers.

  2. IMPROVED ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE: Too many students are allowed to fall behind their peers, and they never catch up. Imelda will help make sure kids get the extra support they need. And, she’ll create new incentives for experienced, skilled teachers to work in schools that need more help.

  3. INCREASED PARENTAL AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: We need to make sure parents are encouraged to participate in their children’s education. Imelda will help empower parents and taxpayers, and ensure that their participation and input are welcome. As a former community organizer, Imelda has the experience to bring people together.