Our Candidates / Washington / Irene Bowling

Irene Bowling

Running for State Senate District 35
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

I am 61 years old, a professional concert pianist, teacher of music for 40 years at universities, community colleges, and my own private business BowlingMusicStudios, Inc. and SeattleSoundFX. I have a bachelor, masters, and doctorate in piano performance from, Arizona State University, U. of Maryland, U. of Washington respectively. I also studied abroad for two years at the Royal College of Music in London, and the University of Sussex near Brighton, England. My grandparents moved to this area of Washington in 1934 and the Bowlings have lived here since then. We are a family of teachers, shipyard workers, federal employees, and loggers. I have been married to Bill Pontius since 1980 and we have three college age kids. I have always voted Democratic but became involved with the Party after Al Gore lost to George Bush in 2000. I have been a PCO, state committee woman and also chair for the 35th L.D.