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Irvin Camacho

Running for State Representative
Irvin Camacho’s story echoes America’s history as a nation of immigrants. His father never graduated high school, and his mother started working when she was 16. They were United Farm Workers in California, where they met in the fields – he worked in the onions, she worked in the lettuce. When Irvin was eleven, his family moved out of California and across the country to a little town called Springdale. They were looking for a safer community, a better education for their children, and their shot at living the American dream. What they found was a place they could call home. Irvin started the 6th grade at J.O. Kelly Middle School. It was in his time at Springdale Public Schools that he first became an activist, getting involved with the Arkansas Natural DREAMers and becoming their Lead Coordinator, a position he held for five years. Irvin has collaborated with the United Community Coalition, chairing their iDREAM campaign, and helped organize more than a dozen DACA clinics around the state. He is a frequent volunteer for other social justice organizations.