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Jan Devereux

Running for Cambridge City Council
Election: Nov. 7, 2017

Jan Devereux is a first-term City Councillor in Cambridge, MA. She was elected in 2015 as the only new councillor and one of only two women on the nine-member council. Since taking office, Jan has worked full-time to make Cambridge more affordable, livable, and responsive. Before running for council, Jan founded the Fresh Pond Residents Alliance to address her neighborhood’s concerns and make sure her community’s voice was heard in projects and issues affecting their everyday lives. She ran because she found a political environment that lacked transparency and accountability and she strives to be the type kind of thoughtful, engaged leader she hoped for as a resident. Jan is running for re-election to continue building on the progress she’s made in the her first term to keep Cambridge a diverse, sustainable, and affordable place to live. 

Jan holds a BA from Princeton University and an MBA from Columbia University and is the mother of three grown children.


  • Sustainable Growth: Jan’s top priority will continue to be holistic planning that begins by listening to residents and neighborhood businesses and engages all stakeholders early and often throughout the planning and permitting process. She believes Cambridge need to create more workforce and affordable housing to meet regional demand, but we also need to improve our transportation infrastructure, preserve public open space and add neighborhood amenities to support the additional density.
  • Municipal Lobbying and Government Transparency: This term, Jan proposed regulations to shine a light on municipal lobbying in Cambridge. She strongly believes that the public should know who is advocating on behalf of policies that the Council is considering and that lobbyists should be required to disclose their contacts with councillors. Some of Jan’s colleagues have been reluctant to discuss this and it has sat in the Government Operations Committee for over a year without a hearing scheduled. Jan will continue to make this a priority if re-elected.
  • Public Financing: Jan has been a vocal advocate of public financing of Cambridge municipal elections and will continue to fight for this if re-elected. Special interest money is tainting the democratic process locally as is it nationally, eroding public confidence and reducing civic engagement. Jan has vowed not to accept donations from real estate developers and special interests, including labor unions, to bolster her commitment to transparency and “clean” elections. 
  • Urban Mobility: Jan will continue to prioritize innovation in the transportation sector, so that residents have greater incentive to own (and park) fewer cars and to drive alone less often. Habits won’t change overnight — and motorists are not the enemy — but innovative and flexible options for urban mobility are already at hand and Jan believes we should seize and reward them.