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Jared Cates

Running for County Commissioner
Jared Cates is a 33 year old native Texan and a proud father. He moved to Nacogdoches in 2008 and quickly became enamored with the community's history and charm. In 2010 Jared’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Watching her suffer through the available treatments inspired Jared to take action. “I began to speak out on, and work toward, marijuana reform in Texas,” Jared states. “This led me to actively support other civil liberties issues including race and gender equality, marriage equality, and women’s health, while working with local groups dedicated to improving our community for all of its inhabitants”. Impressed by Jared’s dedication to Nacogdoches County through community activism and volunteerism with local organizations, the Nacogdoches Democratic Party asked Jared to stand for office. Jared has bright new plans to revitalize our local economy and our community through resilient economic development principles, a focus on local businesses, community involvement, and a determination to leave a better environment for future generations of Nacogdochians. With your support, Jared Cates looks forward to campaigning for and winning the County Commissioner’s seat for the Third Precinct in November.