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Jasmine Ayres

Running for Columbus City Council
Election: Nov. 7, 2017

Jasmine is a daughter of Columbus, born and raised on the north side. She graduated from Northland high school in 2008 where she was Valedictorian and played Varsity football. She went on to complete her bachelor’s degree in History from Wake Forest University. Her first job out of college was working as a field organizer in Columbus, helping to elect our nation’s first African American president. After the election, Jasmine substitute taught at Columbus City Schools. Jasmine then returned to school where she received her master’s degree from the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin in 2015. Since returning to Columbus she has been coaching football at Northland High School and organizing in the community with the People’s Justice Project. She has now decided to step up and run for City Council in her hometown.

Jasmine’s platform is extensive, but centers on two key issues: economic equality and criminal justice. Columbus is rapidly gentrifying - a process enabled by a city government that gives massive tax abatements to luxury developers. Jasmine plans to fight this by creating a transparent process for awarding development incentives, involving community stakeholders in the process, and reprioritizing financial incentives to privilege minority-owned business and development that serves existing populations. Economic development and social services are a key part of her approach to police violence as well: in addition to pushing for a special prosecutor and making changes to police training, she aims to recast economic inequality as a public safety issue, and reallocate funds from policing high-crime and low-income communities to improving economic outcomes there.