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Jen Metzger

Running for State Senate, District 42
New York
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

As a mother, local elected representative on my town council, and director of Citizens for Local Power, an organization that fights for our communities, I understand first hand the challenges we're facing in the Hudson Valley and Catskills, and frankly, our state government is failing us.

The vast and growing gap between the very wealthy and the rest of us is a contributing factor to almost every form of injustice and prevents us from addressing so many of the other issues that we face as a society. I am running for State Senate because we need representatives in Albany who will stand up for our working families, seniors, and young people-not corporate donors. We need a healthcare system that guarantees everyone affordable care, a strong public education system that does not rely heavily on local property taxes, and a clean energy economy that creates good-paying jobs while protecting our health and environment. And we need to get big money out of politics so we can have a government that actually represents us.

At the federal level, we are going backward on so many issues-on women's health and reproductive rights, on protections of our air and water, on public education, on workers' rights. Our state government needs to step up, protect us from this assault, and move us forward.