Our Candidates / Illinois / Jenn Carillo

Jenn Carillo

Running for Bloomington City Council, Ward 6
Election: April 2, 2019

I am an immigrant, a queer woman of color, the daughter to low-income parents, and the first in my family to graduate college. As such, I have a self-interest and a deep commitment around advancing racial, economic and gender justice. I spent a significant part of my life in the US as an undocumented immigrant and got my start in community organizing nearly 10 years ago, by leading a movement to discontinue collaboration between ICE and local law enforcement. I have been organizing --on a multitude of different campaigns and issues--ever since. Most recently I successfully lead one alliance of organizations to compel our local city council to establish a civilian review board for police complaints, and another coalition which secured passage of an immigrant-welcoming city ordinance in a neighboring town.