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Jennifer Carroll Foy

Running for House of Delegates 2
Election: Nov. 7, 2017

Jennifer Carroll Foy is a public defender, lifelong Virginian, and foster mom. She was one of the first African-American women to graduate from Virginia Military Institute, and she has dedicated her life to public service. Because she believes so strongly that no child should be without a nurturing home, she started the Foundation for Foster and Orphan Children, a nonprofit committed to building better futures for orphan and foster children. She currently works for the Arlington Public Defender’s Office, where she represents the most vulnerable members of her community, including adolescents, the indigent, and the mentally ill.  She is also an adjunct professor at Northern Virginia Community College. She has been an active voice for the proper removal and disposal of coal ash from Possum Point, a power plant that was seeping toxic metals into the water supply just a few miles from Jennifer's home.


  • Jennifer will fight for a Virginia that works for all - paying teachers more, ensuring all workers receive a fair, livable wage, expanding Medicaid, fighting women's healthcare 
  • Rollbacks ensuring big corporations like Dominion Power cannot pollute.
  • Fight for criminal justice reform (increase the grand larceny threshold and decriminalize marijuana)
  • Expand Medicaid to the 400,000 Virginians without health insurance
  • Defend women’s rights (protect funding for Planned Parenthood, defend women's access to safe affordable health care, and ensure equal pay for equal work)
  • Increase teachers’ salaries in Prince William and Stafford Counties where teachers are paid $7,000 less than the national average and are the lowest in NOVA, and address overcrowding by reducing class sizes.
  • Invest in more efficient transit infrastructure, including extending HOV lanes into Stafford County and bringing the Metro Blue Rail to Prince William County
  • Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour