Our Candidates / Montana / Jennifer Merecki

Jennifer Merecki

Running for State Senate, District 22
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

Growing up in the Yellowstone Valley region and as a descendant of true western pioneers, Jennifer has always had the "Pioneer Spirit." She has conviction, pride, strong work ethic, and the drive to make our home the best it can be. She has fought hard for the average citizen, worker, and family. She went toe-to-toe facing adversity and intimidators with success, all the while, defending strong progressive values and knowing that quality of life is not "politics as usual." Jennifer acknowledges and believes that political office is serving the people, not the other way around. Jennifer's goal is to become a vessel for her constituents and to be a genuine public servant. Jennifer truly believes that Montana can exist with inclusion. Rancher and environmentalist, old and young, private and public. It's about empathy, give and take, and understanding. Montana needs cooperation, not chaos.