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Jess Phoenix

Running for U.S. House of Representatives, 25th District
Election: June 5, 2018

Jess Phoenix is a volcanologist and co-founder of revolutionary environmental scientific research organization Blueprint Earth. She is an accomplished extreme explorer and professional field scientist. She has worked on six continents studying natural hazards and climate change. Jess was motivated to run for Congress when Trump's election prompted her to  look at her GOP Representative Steve Knight's voting record. He votes with Trump 98.6% of the time, and has a 0% lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters. As an educator and science communicator, Jess has seen how access to knowledge and opportunities impact student success. She has fully committed to running a corporate-free, true grassroots campaign to replace the science-denying Knight on the House Science Committee. Her background in science, global business, and state government work has prepared her to make policies based on facts and evidence - exactly what we need in the Trump era.