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Jessica Guerrero

Running for San Antonio City Council District 3
Election: May 6, 2017

Jessica’s background is in social justice work and cultural organizing. Recently, she worked with displaced mobile home residents of District 3, which also happens to be her hometown and neighborhood. She has participated in and held leadership roles in reclaiming feminisms and gender justice through local organizing efforts like the SAIWD (San Antonio International Woman's Day March & Rally) and participating in a community lawsuit challenging a bad local marching ordinance that stifles access to the streets. Jessica has also worked for language justice by translating documents, flyers and other media for community meetings and events and has served as a Spanish language interpreter in local community and City events and in international forums.

Jessica was inspired to run for office in order to address the following issues:

  1. Housing Justice: developing and implementing housing policies that serves home and property owners and renters. This policy is especially needed in the face of a current local trend of aggressive development in San Antonio, particularly District 3. The recent World Heritage designation of 5 missions in San Antonio (4 of which are located in district 3), positions Jessica’s district under looming threat of vast gentrification and related strains on infrastructure and funding sources.
  2. Climate Justice: Much of the aggressive development occurring in San Antonio either green washes detrimental projects or blatantly ignores environmental impacts. I will work to raise the City's standards for low impact incentives.
  3. Labor Justice: San Antonio has been a source of cheap labor for too long and its generational impact must be disrupted. Jessica will work with local unions and organizations to develop and implement worker benefit agreements that ensure higher wages and quality of life for workers of San Antonio. 
  4. Feminisms and Gender Justice: Jessica vows to be deliberate and steadfast in her commitment to the inclusion and safety of LGBTQ communities, women, immigrants and other vulnerable groups facing current and potential threats to safety and financial stability