Our Candidates / Colorado / Joe Salazar

Joe Salazar

Running for State Attorney General
Election: June 26, 2018

"I am Joe Salazar, an indigenous/Latino Coloradan - the first in my family to go to college (Univ. of Colorado - 1993) and law school (Univ. of Denver - 2003). As a civil rights attorney, I fight for vulnerable communities against abusive government and employers. In 2012, I was elected to the CO House of Representatives. I am Vice Chair of the House Judiciary Committee. Last year, Sen. Bernie Sanders endorsed my House race due to my powerful progressive record. I have fought for income equality; supported a universal healthcare program; strengthened anti-discrimination laws; eliminated debtors prisons; fought to protect the environment from fossil fuel polluters; passed a bill to track hate crimes; and I oppose criminalizing the homeless. At the Capitol, Standing Rock and on the streets, I stand with Coloradans for our children and our future. I will take the Office of the Attorney General out of the hands of special interest and big corporations and return it to the People."