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John Courage

Running for San Antonio City Council District 9
Election: June 10, 2017

John is running on the following platform

  1. Public safety - Supports the SAFFE (San Antonio Fear Free Environment) Officer program. SAFFE Officers are regular police officers that work as a neighborhood’s non-emergency bridge between law enforcement and the community. They attend HOA meetings, community events, school events, etc.

  2. Traffic and Infrastructure - Traffic is a huge issue for citizens of San Antonio. John will encourage better coordination between city departments and SAWS and/or CPS, synchronization of traffic lights at all intersections to enhance the flow of traffic, extending the limited access freeway from Loop 410 north on Highway 281 to Texas Highway 46, and developing a Smart Growth policy that will incentivize growth in less developed and less populated areas of San Antonio. 

  3. Neighborhoods - Supports greater transparency between the city and homeowners / residents of District 9 and all of San Antonio and Creating citizen advisory committees to help guide bond proposals, such as helping to place pedestrian mobility improvement projects (sidewalks), is paramount to the progress of our communities and city.

  4. The environment - The quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the land, the neighborhoods, the park lands we share with one another and the animal life in our community all impacts our daily lives and how happy and healthy we are in our neighborhoods.

  5. Our Pets - While our city has technically been classified as a "no kill" city, meaning that 10% or less of the animals ACS takes in are euthanized, we should work on finding options beyond mass euthanasia that makes our city safer for our animals and our residents