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Justin Bamberg

Running for Democratic Party Vice Chair
South Carolina
Election: April 28, 2017

Justin Bamberg began his career in public service as a civil rights and personal injury attorney, where he successfully defended victims of police brutality and wrongful death. Working to reconcile the shortcomings of the justice system has equipped Bamberg with a critical eye and representative voice. As a passionate progressive, Bamberg has served as the South Carolina State Representative for House District 90 since 2015, advocating for increased funding for schools and teacher pay, providing flood damage assistance to farmers, and advocating for more effective and transparent policing strategies. If elected, Bamberg would continue to embody his personal mantra of “service over self”.

Justin was an avid supporter of Senator Sanders during the presidential primary, traveling all over the country as one of the most dedicated surrogates. Our Revolution endorsed his successful re-election campaign this past fall.