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Ken Boddye

Running for House of Delegates
Election: June 13, 2017

Ken Boddye is a community association insurance underwriter and marketer who resides in Woodbridge. He devotes his time to political activism, community organizing around issues of wealth inequality and social justice, and mentoring people of various grade levels on creative and collaborative writing. Ken is a member of the NAACP and works as an advocate to support our first responders and to combat homelessness and poverty in the community.

Ken is campaigning on the following issues:

  1. Transportation: As delegate of the 51st District, Ken will work to expand funding and access to public transit, and will collaborate with organizations at the local, county and state levels to bring additional transit options - such as Light Rail and Bus Rapid Transit - to working families. Ken is also committed to making existing transportation options more affordable, such as voucher programs for local employers and instituting a flat fee for the area's EZ-Pass lanes, to make the lanes more affordable for commuters.

  2. Economy and Jobs: As a Delegate, Ken will work to bring fulfilling, high-paying jobs closer to home and eliminate the need for hard-working Virginians to take multiple jobs or work 50 to 60 hours a week just to put food on the table.

  3. Criminal Justice: Ken will also be a strong advocate for criminal justice reform. He will work with leaders in business and higher education to ensure that those who finish their sentences aren’t locked into a state where they cannot find a job or go back to school. Ken will also champion creation of a process for individuals to get their rights restored, and will work with his fellow delegates and the law enforcement community on criteria for such a process.

  4. Campaign Finance Reform: Ken will work to make accessing a history of a politician’s donors easier so voters will be well informed when it comes to who their elected officials are representing.

  5. Education:  Ken will work with the school board and others in the education arena to expand options for early childhood education, especially for students with special needs. He will also advocate for creation of new pathways for training in vocational and technical skills to allow high school students to pursue their passions and become productive members of the workforce.

  6. Climate Change: Ken will advocate for reform that would give the Virginia DEQ the teeth it needs to enforce regulations, and I would push for us to move boldly and swiftly toward a predominantly-renewable energy grid.

  7. Redistricting reform: Gerrymandering is huge issue. Ken advocates resolving it through a nonpartisan, independent body in charge of drawing district  lines. Concepts of compactness, fairness, and keeping communities together should be used.