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Ken Holdorf

Running for State Assembly, District 89
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

I grew up in eastern Iowa and have ancestral roots in farming where I attained a keen appreciation for the hard work farmers do to feed a nation. Growing up and working on my uncle's farm that has been in the family since 1910 provided me insight into a farmer's responsibilities. The farming experience is why I advocate for family farms first over Concentrated Animal Feeding Organizations (CAFOs).

I believe in investing in educating and training today's children that will produce tomorrow's skilled workforce. This support is shown through my volunteer work that includes mentoring a child in the Big Brother program and volunteer citizen adviser for the Kenosha Unified School Board's Audit/Budget/Finance Committee. Additionally, I served as a volunteer for three years at the Eco-Justice Center in Racine, Wisconsin where they focused on sustainability and preserving natural resources through its investment in renewable energy, education programs for children and adults, using rain barrels, and gardening techniques that preserve the soil. I also served as a chairperson for a committee in support of the Eco-Justice Center's Fall Festival, their largest fundraising event as a non-profit organization.

I passionately share the citizens' concerns for preserving their water resources. Additionally, I believe it is time for elected officials to listen to citizens who voiced their concerns loud and clear and believe they need to be addressed instead of being ignored.