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Kevin Patterson

Running for City Council 6th District
Election: Aug. 29, 2017

Kevin Patterson has been a proud Phoenix resident since 1998, where he grew up in Ahwatukee and graduated from Desert Vista High School. Patterson currently lives in North Central Phoenix with his husband, David, and their two beautiful daughters, ages 10 and 7, whom they adopted from Arizona. They both happily attend Madison public schools. Patterson has spent his life advocating for marginalized constituencies and building consensus for common sense solutions to some of our toughest problems. A natural leader who possesses an oft undervalued skill, active listening, he is ready to take on the challenge of serving the City of Phoenix.

Professionally, Patterson knows what a powerful impact solid leaders can have on community members in his role as The Director of Talent Management and Leadership Development for Banner Health, the community’s largest local employer, and healthcare leader. Working on access to healthcare and ensuring that the care patients receive is of the highest quality has been a core mission of his. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Master of Science is Psychology.

Personally, Patterson serves the community as President of Equality Arizona, recent Board Director of Arizona’s Children Association, and co-founder of Project Jigsaw, a community project designed to remove barriers that prevent the 19,000 foster and adoptive kids in our communities from finding loving homes. As a former public educator, Patterson witnessed firsthand the impact that neighborhood safety, community programs that support education, and access to city services have on our most vulnerable populations.

Kevin's campaign revolves around:

  • Responsible growth: Especially in regards to the indigenous community and environmental destruction.

  • Public safety: Emergency response times in the district are very high, as high as 15 minutes. Additionally, improper use of force by police officers is an issue that needs to be addressed.

  • Cost-effective housing: No tax incentives for developers unless they commit to building more units that are classified as affordable to Phoenicians.