Our Candidates / California / Kimberly Ellis

Kimberly Ellis

Running for Democratic Party State Chair
Election: May 20, 2017

Ellis presently serves on the Finance Committee and as the Recording Secretary for the African American Caucus of the California Democratic Party. She is the first African American Executive Director for Emerge America, a non-profit organization which works to encourage and train women to run for office. Under her leadership, the California chapter has trained approximately 400 candidates, over half of whom now serve in office. Kimberly is one of the only leaders who is not afraid to say that the Party unfairly influenced the primary and did not allow for a fair and transparent democratic process. She promises that as Chair, she will bring the Party back to grassroots organizing, invite all to have a seat at the table, and move the Party away from back-room, closed door deals and automatic endorsements of incumbents.

Ellis believes that we need to reform campaign financing, get corporate money out of politics and is committed to pushing for publicly financed campaigns. She is not afraid to point out that California politicians are receiving too much from oil, big tobacco, big pharma and insurance industries. Ellis has been forthright in her donations and has not taken any money from corporate interests.