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Kimberly Ellis

Running for Democratic Party Chair
Election: June 1, 2019

As the former Executive Director of Emerge California, the state’s most effective training program for Democratic women who run for office, Kimberly is a nationally recognized Progressive leader who has been credited with revolutionizing Democratic politics in California.

After running for Chair of the California Democratic Party in 2017 where she inspired thousands, this past summer Kimberly Ellis founded and launched Unbought - Unbossed (UnB2), an incubator for the next generation of political disruptors.

Kimberly is committed to making sure that the California Democratic Party looks forward, not back; and builds broader coalitions with new allies; and most importantly, creates the culture shift within the Party that ensures the reported abuses never again occur.

Kimberly holds a law degree from the John F. Kennedy School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts from Jacksonville University.