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Lee Carter

Running for House of Delegates 50
Election: Nov. 7, 2017

Lee is a 5-year Veteran of the Marine Corps, and an IT professional who specialized in repairing and maintaining machines used to treat cancer patients. In line with his lifetime of service, he is an active member of his local Democratic party in Manassas, and spends his free time as a community organizer and activist in the areas of affordable housing and worker’s compensation. Lee believes his unique set of experiences will help him serve his community and state by fighting for policies that will help working and middle class Virginians.

His legislative priorities include:

  1. Expanding Medicaid access so that families, veterans, and all Virginians can afford high-quality crucial care.

  2. Investing in and expanding transportation projects and solutions, including extending the Virginia Railway Express and reducing a dangerous level of congestion on major roadways.

  3. Campaign finance reform to limit the corrupting effect of corporate donors being involved in politics.

  4. Changing worker’s compensation and safety programs so that employees get the protections and help they deserve. Lee was partially inspired to run after discovering the shortcomings of the worker’s compensation system in Virginia when he suffered a serious work-related injury.