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Lou Braatz III

Running for City Council
Election: April 4, 2017

Louis Braatz III was born in Omaha and spent most of his childhood in the ‘North and South O’ neighborhoods. As the oldest of four children in a working class family, he learned early on what “paycheck to paycheck” meant. But these lessons also brought opportunities to learn about community, the idea that each can bring a part to a whole solution.

With his partner’s approval, Louis became the stay at home parent for all of their children until they went to school. Together they concluded that it was better for the upbringing of the next generation, and Lou had the privilege to follow thru on those conclusions. The experiences during this time had their own lessons; creative strategy, scheduling, and organization being essential. Problem solving also becomes a major need when in the middle of three sibling argument over a marker color.

Outside the home Lou has participated in numerous activities, non-profits, community organizations, actions, and discussions around Nebraska. He has volunteered in campaigns concerning income inequality, campaign finance, bicycle advocacy, eminent domain, food programs for residents, educational pursuits, political and judicial matters, and marginalized community concerns. “we will be outspent but not outworked,” is a common saying when talking to Lou about solutions. In collaborating with people for goals he’s learned that a public servant must continue to listen, learn, and be able to quickly utilize real life lessons to solve tough problems.