Our Candidates / Rhode Island / Marcia Ranglin-Vassell

Marcia Ranglin-Vassell

Running for State Representative, District 5
Rhode Island
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

I was born in a small town, 11 miles east of Kingston, Jamaica. My community was ravaged by poverty and gun violence but filled with hope and possibilities. Currently, I am a full-time teacher in Providence Public Schools, a mother, wife, and a fighter. June 20, 2016, changed my life. A young man, Kip Stewart was shot to death. When I heard about Kip's death, I started reflecting on the number of my own students' who had been shot and killed. It broke my heart. I felt that I could make a difference if I ran. On June 27th, I declared my candidacy to run for State Rep. This was the first time I was running for any public office. I worked really hard and beat the House Majority Leader/incumbent who was in office for 24 years. As your Representative, I will fight for our children who deserve a 21st-century education, for college students hunted down by predatory lenders and burdened by high student debt, our teachers who are the front line and standing up for our children, you’re not alone.