Our Candidates / Vermont / Mari Cordes

Mari Cordes

Running for State Representative, District Addison-4
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

I've fought hard for and won state policy that supports and empowers Vermonters, including legislation that eliminates health insurance discrimination based on gender identity; protections for regulatory oversight over the sale of non-for-profit hospital assets to for-profiteers; healthcare reform; and paid sick days. I was a founding organizer/activist and 2nd president of the 2,000 member nurses' union at the University of Vermont Medical Center. As a nurse of 30 years and health care activist, I have put my body on the line multiple times to protect access to healthcare for all. I have a BS in Natural Resource Management, Policy and Economics from the University of Michigan, and served as Treasurer of 350VT because I believe that the answers to the climate change challenges we face are here within our communities. I am a daughter of two women, mother and grandmother, and live off the grid in the Vermont mountains with my spouse.