Our Candidates / Wisconsin / Mark Martello

Mark Martello

Running for State Assembly, District 35
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

When I was in the military I learned that when a problem is identified everyone works together to fix the problem before things get worse. When I look around our state I see a lot of problems. Problems with our schools not being funded, problems with our roads and bridges not being fixed, problems with local control being taken away from counties and townships. I see people who have no health insurance being driven into bankruptcy when a family member has a serious medical problem. I see an opiate epidemic and not enough treatment options. I see young adults going into massive debt to pay for college. I see our state spending our children's futures on a few jobs down on the Illinois border while our young adults leave the area for good paying jobs. And I see a state where one party has redrawn the assembly district lines so that they are almost assures of being reelected. The politicians have selected their voters, not the other way around. I'm running to be the Representative to the Wisconsin State Assembly from the 35th Assembly District to help fix the problems.