Our Candidates / Missouri / Megan Green

Megan Green

Running for President of the Board of Aldermen in St. Louis
Election: March 5, 2019

Our Revolution member Megan Ellyia Green moved to St. Louis in 2005 to participate in the Coro Fellows Program. Upon graduating, she spent a decade working in education and homeless services. In 2014, Megan ran in a special election as an independent when the St. Louis political establishment chose an insider to be the democratic nominee. The day after she was elected, police killed Vonderrit Meyers right outside her ward and she became active in the Black Live Matter movement. 

Since taking office, Megan has fought for a higher minimum wage, civilian oversight of our police department, reproductive rights for women, protections for victims of domestic violence, marijuana legalization, and responsible development. More recently, she gained attention for her #MeToo post. In 2016, Megan was a Bernie delegate to the 2016 democratic convention and was elected as a DNC member. She also is on the board of Local Progress. She holds a BA in Political Science and an MA in Educational Leadership.