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Melvin Willis

Running for City Council
Melvin is a community organizer with Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE). He is known by many in Richmond for his efforts to keep Richmond residents in their homes in light of the foreclosure epidemic caused by predatory lending and sub-prime mortgages. He also was part of the successful effort to increase the minimum wage and a leader in the fight to save Doctor's Medical Center. Born and raised in Richmond, Melvin has the distinction of serving as Richmond's youngest ever City Planning Commissioner (2012-14), and he is also the recipient of the prestigious 17th annual "Mario Savio Young Activist Award" (2013). Melvin has pledged to not accept any political donations from corporations or businesses. He has also received endorsements from Vice Mayor Eduardo Martinez, City Council member Jovanka Beckles and City Council member Gayle McLaughlin.