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Mik Pappas

Running for Allegheny County 31st District Magistrate
Election: Nov. 7, 2017

Mikhail “Mik” Pappas is an innocence defense and civil rights attorney with a background in community organizing. He was raised in East Liberty during tough times, but found balance through sports and by visiting his grandmother in central Pennsylvania farm country every summer. Mik attended Pittsburgh Public Schools and Central Catholic High School, where he was a competitive athlete and debater.

Mik majored in American Studies and minored in Economics at Lehigh University in eastern Pennsylvania. Mik moved back to Pittsburgh after college, to be with friends and family, and to gain experience as a community organizer before pursuing his dream of attending law school. As an organizer, Mik worked on campaigns throughout the country, including in Newark, New Orleans, and Chicago. Always staying true to his roots, Mik founded a youth mentoring program in the Negley Place section of East Liberty where he grew up.

If elected, Mik wants to save taxpayers money and take on cases that should be in the system. He believes district judges should be questioning how they decide eviction and truancy decisions, as well as sentencing to drug addicts. Harsh punishments are often dispensed for these infractions and community stability should also be factor in decisions. He vows to do his part to support:

  • Increasing access to affordable housing and legal services.

  • Disrupting the school-to-prison pipeline and working to lower problems associated with mass incarceration.

  • Access to justice and restorative practices