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Milo Fitch

Running for Sheriff, Sacramento County
Election: June 5, 2018

I have 33 years' experience with the Sacramento Sheriff's Department, retiring at the highest level achievable without appointment or election -- Chief Deputy. Extensive work in patrol and special assignments such as to the narcotic gang. Held most positions, such as Commander of the jail, Commander of Internal Affairs, and Chief Deputy over corrections. Now working for Prison Industry Authority as Chief of Workforce Development, supplying job training and job connections to prisoners at California's 35 prisons. My career is marked by criminal justice reform. I brought in inmate education and job training programs to the jail, helped minority and female employees get equal access to training and promotions, and instituted training and policies that developed trusting relationships with marginalized communities. When I retired, the incumbent, Sheriff Scott Jones, terminated many of my efforts. My Bachelor degree is in Business Administration and my graduate work is in Leadership at the West Point FBI Academy.