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Paul Feeney

Running for Bristol and Norfolk State Senate
Election: Oct. 17, 2017

Paul is running for State Senate to give a voice to the hard-working middle class families, seniors and young people that live in the Bristol & Norfolk district.

Having spent his entire adult life working predominantly in the private sector, along with gaining experience in Local and State Government, Paul understands the struggle of families that are working harder than ever, seniors who are on a fixed income and young men and women that are struggling with student debt and searching for work. As the former Bernie 2016 state director for both Massachusetts and Connecticut, he has the experience and skills to strengthen our movement in Massachusetts.

As the State Senator of the Norfolk and Bristol districts, Paul will focus his efforts on the following:

  • JOBS & ECONOMY - As traditional economic engines continue to shift, seeking new employment opportunities in emerging fields is imperative. Paul will work to increase employment opportunities by advocating for investment in high-growth fields such as renewable energy and life sciences.

  • EDUCATION - The Massachusetts state budget is underestimating the cost of education by $1 to $2 billion dollars per year.  That drastic gap between the true costs of educating our children and the amount provided by State and Local revenue is devastating to local schools.  As a result, communities often have to cut programs that our children benefit from or pass on fees to parents. Paul will work to pass legislation that adjusts this formula to make it accurately reflect the cost of educating a student in our schools. He will work hard to provide Pre-K through college opportunities free of charge to Massachusetts students and pass legislation that provides for debt-free college in Massachusetts.

  • SENIORS - Paul fully supports of expanding the State’s “circuit breaker” tax credit that has helped tens of thousands of seniors in the last 16 years.Many seniors are faced with coverage gaps in their medicare coverage that forces them to choose between paying for prescriptions or heating their homes.  Paul will work tirelessly to identify ways to bridge that gap, lower costs and increase assistance.  He will vote in favor of legislation that increases eligibility to medicare savings programs.

  • SUBSTANCE ABUSE/OPIOID CRISIS - Increasing the amount of beds and treatment facilities in Massachusetts, mandating expanded insurance coverage and ensuring the accessibility and affordability of treatment services for those that are suffering the grip of addiction is crucial.  Paul will also work to pass legislation that is proactive in its approach to identify and counsel those that are most at risk of becoming addicted in the future.

  • CONSTITUENT AFFAIRS & TRANSPARENCY - Paul vows to be accessible, available and open to the people of his district and will provide regular updates from his office. He is fully supportive of measures that increase transparency and make State Government more user friendly. It is simply not accessible or a viable option for many working people throughout the Bristol and Norfolk State Senate to travel to his office. Paul will be available throughout the district each week in an effort to bring the State House to his constituents.