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Pene diMaio

Running for State Representative, District 13
North Carolina
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

Pene is a mother of 4, nationally certified Special Ed teacher, artist, trucker, activist now candidate. Never politically minded until Bernie showed up on the national scene. I lived in Vermont for 10 years and I always loved him and voted for him but it wasn't until he made the bid for president that I dove head first into politics. Finally, a presidential candidate that wasn't just the lesser of two evils! Campaigned for Bernie and when the election horror occurred, I started an Indivisible group in our area. Spent the next year and a half writing letters, stamping post cards, calling MoC offices, visiting offices, marching and organizing rallies. Finally realized that nobody was really listening. Indivisible pals started pushing me to run as a Democrat. Instead, I'm running as a bold, progressive Independent.