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Pete D'Alessandro

Running for US Representative, 3rd District
Election: June 5, 2018

Pete D’Alessandro has dedicated the past 30 years working for candidates, causes, and citizens who cannot always stand up and speak out for themselves. Whether working for candidates, on issues, or for progressives causes, Pete has not only been a fighter for what he believes in, but he has helped win many of those battles. From 2007 to 2011, Pete was political director for Governor Chet Culver. He is proud of the role he played working with his associates during the floods of 2008 and his advocacy for marriage equality after the Varnum decision in 2009. From May 2015 until February of 2016, Pete was campaign coordinator for the historic Bernie Sanders campaign in Iowa. A campaign that began 56 points down and grew exponentially to shock the political elites and pundits with the now famous virtual tie on caucus night. He worked in six more states for Sen. Sanders, finishing as delegate director at The Democratic National Convention.