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Pramila Jayapal

Running for US Representative
Pramila has spent the last twenty years working both internationally and domestically as a leading national advocate for women’s, immigrants', civil, and human rights. She led one of the largest voter registration efforts in Washington State, helping over 23,000 new Americans to register to vote. In May 2013, Pramila was recognized as a White House “Champion of Change.” In the state legislature, Pramila has been a champion for access to healthcare, and commonsense gun safety and civic engagement as well as for women, workers, students, communities of color, low-income communities, immigrants and refugees. Pramila has been sought out by local and national media as an expert on topics including economic justice and the minimum wage, community-police relations, as well as immigrant, civil, and human rights. She is often a guest on both NPR public affairs and conservative talk radio programs in Washington State and has interviewed with both conservative and liberal pundits on national television and addressing the Washington, D.C. press corps.