Our Candidates / Massachusetts / Quinton Zondervan

Quinton Zondervan

Running for Cambridge City Council
Election: Nov. 7, 2017

Quinton grew up in Suriname, a small country in South America which is 90% Amazonian Rainforest. There, he developed a deep appreciation for the natural world. When he was a teenager the country was taken over by a brutal dictator, and Quinton immigrated to the United States. Stellar grades got him a full scholarship to Eckerd college, and he was eventually able to move to Cambridge and get his graduate degree in computer science at MIT. Ever since, he has worked tirelessly in the community on municipal climate policy and environmental advocacy. He brings a strong technical background and a deep understanding of how to legislate effectively at the municipal level.


  • Implement the pioneering net zero action plan and protect our city from the impacts of climate change
  • Address the affordable housing crisis through growth without displacement, protect middle & low income households, and preserve the diverse community we all cherish
  • Create a plan for a comprehensive network of protected bike lanes in the city and install more electric vehicle charging stations
  • End the Comcast monopoly and ensure all Cantabrigians have access to affordable, reliable, and secure internet through municipal broadband