Our Candidates / Minnesota / Raymond Dehn

Raymond Dehn

Running for Mayor of Minneapolis
Election: Nov. 7, 2017

"Like many who grow up with little opportunity, I experienced the justice system from the inside. With the help of my community and all who have embraced me,  I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to chart a new direction for my life. I am humbled to be a candidate for Minneapolis’ highest executive office.

I grew up with three siblings in a working-class Brooklyn Park home. My father, a teamster, spent his days operating a warehouse forklift. My mother worked part-time for a company that made toilet paper wraps for American soldiers stationed in Vietnam. For additional income, my father would plow snow every winter, and all of us kids had paper routes. We relied on each paycheck." - Raymond Dehn

Raymond’s vision for Minneapolis includes:

Remedy Systemic Inequity

  • Implement our plan on Equitable Education for All Children
  • Complete the Racial Equity Toolkit
  • Fully staff the Office of Equity and Inclusion
  • Follow the recommendations of the Trans Equity Council
  • Ensure our hiring practices result in a government that reflects the city's diversity
  • Advocate requirements for diverse ownership in awarding city contracts

Generate Community Wealth

  • Institute a citywide $15 minimum wage (no tip penalty)
  • Absolutely oppose preemption
  • Incentivize light commercial spaces in neighborhoods
  • Regain Affordable Housing

Regain Affordable Housing

  • Build enough affordable housing to meet demand—4200 units per year
  •  Increase density in certain parts of city without displacing single-family neighborhoods
  •  Incentivize the building of new units at every income level
  •  Increase the number of public housing residents serving on city boards and commissions

Establish Accountable Policing

  • De-militarize our police department
  • Prefer hiring officers who live in Minneapolis
  • Build off recent Department of Justice report and our current work with National Initiative for Building Community, Trust, and Justice to establish an accountable policing system.
  • Prioritize de-escalation and not force in police training

Uplift People’s Health

  • Conduct a city report on Minneapolis’ substance abuse and addiction problems
  • Create a Substance Abuse and Treatment Advisory Committee
  • Add a substance and drug abuse professional to the Chief’s Citizen Advisory Council
  • Review and amend our City of Minneapolis Pre-Employment Drug & Alcohol Test Policy to develop a pathway to rehabilitation for existing employees or treatment for new employees
  • Develop rehabilitation-centric policies for the Minneapolis Police Department for working with offenders facing substance abuse and addiction
  • Partner with Hennepin County to support providers and better fund services
  • Improve data collection on rates of substance abuse, addiction and recovery
  • Strengthen legislative priorities for substance abuse to the 2018 Legislative Agenda
  • Work with Neighborhood Associations to develop best practices for connecting community members in need with treatment programs
  • Pass a $15 minimum wage and increase affordable housing