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Richard Becker

Running for State Representative, 35th District
Election: May 22, 2018

I am a union organizer for SEIU, largely representing public employees, janitors, and plant operators in our public schools, and have built my life around fighting for the working class and for fairness for everyone. I've lived in Louisville for many years, and it is my home and the city I love most. I share a home with my partner Jane and dog Bernie. I’ve worked on campaigns for progressive candidates for most of my adult life, including managing the winning campaign for Chris Kolb for Jefferson County School Board who challenged one of Louisville’s wealthiest people to bring a fighting voice to the school board against charter schools, and for removing an ineffective superintendent. I've stood on picket lines, and in negotiating rooms, helping lead the fight to increase Louisville's minimum wage, and for the first Community Benefits Agreement in Louisville's history regarding a new soccer stadium being built partially with public funds.