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Rick Trevino

Running for San Antonio City Council District 6
Election: May 6, 2017

Rick was a National Delegate for Bernie Sanders, representing Texas Senate District 26. Trevino is currently the Secretary of the Bexar County Democratic Party.  He hosted the first house party in San Antonio in June 2015, founded San Antonio For Sanders in April 2015, and co-founded Laredo For Sanders shortly thereafter. His work in San Antonio provided the Sanders Campaign with a strong infrastructure of volunteers and political support.

Rick Treviño has served as a public school teacher for 5 years and is a member of the teacher’s union (AFT). Born in Laredo, TX in 1984, Rick isthe youngest of two children. Like many in Laredo, he is the son of an immigrant. His mother Alma was born in Nuevo Laredo, MX and his fatherRicardo was born in Laredo, USA.

Rick moved to San Antonio in 2005 to continue his studies, taking courses at Northwest Vista College and completing his Bachelor’s Degree inPolitical Science at UTSA. Rick completed his Teacher Certification at UTSA after conducting his student teaching in District 6’s Hatchett Elementary. An avid reader of political history, Rick has been a high school US History and Geography teacher at Sam Houston High School since2012. In 2016, Rick completed his Masters of Educational Leadership from Trinity University with a 4.0 grade average.

He became involved in his community and became civically engaged during Bernie Sanders’ run for the Democratic nomination in 2016. As a leader, he helped to begin the SA for Sanders group locally, and also worked with his students to create a farmers market at Sam Houston High School. He was recognized for his work in the community fighting Food Deserts through collaborations with the Eastside Promise Neighborhood, the United Way, and the San Antonio Food Bank. Heeding the national call to make change at the local level, Rick decided he would continue his civic work and advocacy on behalf of the city’s most vulnerable individuals by stepping forward as a candidate for City Council District 6.